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Is your available balance sitting in a low interest business account? We can advise on investments that get a better return on your savings.
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Understanding the importance of Financial Planning for Businesses

If you have built up cash with your business and have become frustrated with the poor interest rates offered by banks and building societies and would like the potential for a better return, we can discuss and recommend a number of investments for limited companies.

Giving the peace of mind of accessibility but with the potential of a better return, investing company cash is a great option for business owners.

Investments carry risk. The value of your investments (and any income from them) can go down as well as up and you may not get back the full amount you invested

Our steps towards your financial success...


Discovery Introductory Meeting

We will ask you lots of questions, to build a detailed understanding of you. This will help us to plan the best course of action for your finances.



This is goal setting, understanding your desired outcomes, what is really important to you and detailing your risk profile.



We will create a solution for you, using high quality research tools that enable us to put a plan together that meets your needs and requirements.


Discuss & Present Advice

In a clear way, giving you time to digest the information, discussing your plan and answering any questions that you might have.



Once you are happy with your recommended solution, we will move forward in a timely manner keeping you updated at all times.


Ongoing Reviews

Ensuring that your plan continues to meet your needs as your life and the financial environment changes.

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I’ve used Richstone Park for a very long time. Darren looks after my business finances and my personal finances, and when I first met him he gathered all my pensions together into a single pot and it has seen significant growth well beyond my expectations. Because of that I’ve used Richstone to invest money from my business rather than it sitting in a business account and I’ve seen growth there also.

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How can Richstone Park Financial Planning help you?

We will sit down and discuss your future business plans and cash requirements. This will help our adviser to provide a tailored recommendation and explain how we can invest the funds within the business, tax efficiently.

The adviser will often discuss the outcome with your accountant to make them aware of any future investments, and to provide the documents that they will need to complete your company accounts.   

Contact Richstone Park

For more information on services, and to arrange a no obligation initial meeting to discuss your position and requirements, please get in touch.

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