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10 magical life and money lessons you can learn from Disney

Publish Date 19 September 2023
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The Walt Disney Company is celebrating a huge milestone – its 100th anniversary. 

On 16 October 1923, brothers Walt and Roy Disney set up Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio to produce films. From humble beginnings, the company has gone on to become one of the most recognisable brands in the world.

To mark 100 years of Disney, this guide lists 10 life and money lessons you can learn from the company and its films, including:

  • Follow Walt’s lead and set long-term goals: Did you know Walt purchased more land than he needed for his initial plans to build a theme park in Florida? This means Disney World has far more freedom when it pursues new developments. 
  • Don’t fall for a scammer’s promise of treasure: Understanding what you’re signing up for and being aware of the red flags when approached by someone with an opportunity is a lesson Aladdin learnt. While fraudsters won’t use a cave filled with treasure to entice you, they may use similar tactics.
  • Diversify your assets like the Disney Company: When you think of Disney, it’s probably the films that come to mind. But the company has become far more than its latest movie and the company’s profits come from more places than you may expect. Diversifying helped Disney to make a profit even when Covid-19 restrictions affected some business areas.
  • Learn from Cinderella and review your estate plan regularly: Cinderella is a classic rags-to-riches story. But the whole tale could have been avoided if her father had updated his estate plan.

Download your copy of “10 magical life and money lessons you can learn from Disney” to discover more lessons.

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